Lesley Vanderhoof, Owner

(707) 834-3350 cell & text


Infusionsoft offers an online sales and marketing solution built exclusively for small businesses.

It features lead generation tools and marketing automation, email and social media tools to engage and convert leads. Customer relationship management (CRM) functionality aids users in attracting leads, streamlining sales and closing deals. E-commerce tools help with online sales, automate fulfillment and get repeat business.

Services I Provide:

  • Main Nav and Application Settings
  • Category and Custom Field Creation
  • Contacts Files
  • Tags and Tag Category Creation
  • Referral Partners
  • Referral Commission Programs
  • Shopping Cart
  • Quotes
  • Opportunities
  • Products
  • Webform
  • Campaign Builder
  • Legacy

Marketing Made Simple

Marketing can be made simple with the right help. I believe a business can develop and thrive with the right direction and marketing.   I have worked with Infusionsoft since 2010 now helping clients thru remote consulting and execution. I am available for local, state , out of state and out of country.