Hello my name is David Holten on February 3, 2015 I was diagnosed with ESRD; end stage renal failure. This was quite a blow to a 54 year old man who has never been sick in his life and all the sudden I'm in a chronic state then the doctor told me I have to go on dialysis not knowing then  it wasn't a cure.

I thought I would get better then I found out I needed a kidney transplant which  was the beginning of a rough road but believe it or not I was able to heal my kidneys even after the doctors told me kidneys don't heal. I had a hard time believing that because when bones break they heal.... so anyway  on June 20, 2016 I  posted on Craigslist for request for a kidney donor. Well, as  it turns out a lady responded and said `no, no, I have something better for you and I can show you how to heal your kidneys from changing your diet to all fruit, and living raw food raw veggies, and gods gift of herbs.'

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On June 21, 2016 I began eating an all fruit melons and berries in morning, and in the evening raw veggies from my garden. I also juiced apples, grapes, cucumbers and lemons.  I kept calm and meditated and prayed often. My detox specialist Debra Anderson  trained under Dr. Robert Morse  suggested I research my vitamins and see if they are food based.

I changed my diet and the first 30 days was all raw food veggies and fruit then we got me started on 7 different tinctures and 9 different herbs. I did that 3 times a day and I juiced I did not eat solid food for that 10 days I lost so much weight in 10 days I began to eat solid food again but raw. I began to feel a healing taking place and even though this was hard I kept it up. They check me every month for my creation (that's the poison in my blood); after 45 days I came down from 4.8 to 4.1 I thought that was pretty fantastic, then the next month I was the same and then the next month an amazing drop to 3.4! Oh my god I was almost free and it is working! my kidneys are waking up then the next month I came in at 3.2. I was out the door then a final urine test well I filled the jug in the 24 hour period and another quart as well so that will tell you those kidneys were back to life , God Bless, so I was released from dialysis that day and I promised myself to never go back.

I want everyone to know it’s a fact you can heal your body and you can regenerate your cells by  going to a raw diet of fruit and veggies and getting your  lymphatic system moving getting the acid out and getting your body back to alkaline. Maintain that and you are going to have vitality that can heal even the most detrimental of ailments. It can be done and now I have a new life calling becoming certified as a detox specialist from Dr. Robert Morse  International School of Detox. I love doing something that has such a wonderful meaning of healing and love and that's what it’s all about that gives our lives the light we live in with God'.

Bless the calm and gentle and what is healthy 'Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food'         Hippocrates