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Tongue Tops

Audrey Abell
P.O. Box 1742
Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 489-1123

Can you use Tongue Tops on other types of tennis shoes?
Yes you can, but make sure the tongue of the shoe is not attached to the insides. It has to come out all the way so you can iron on it easily. It's best if the material on the shoe is the same type, like a canvas type. Tongue Tops are not designed to be used on athletic type of running shoes.

Hello! My name is Audrey Abell. I am the inventor and owner of Tongue Tops ®, Patent Pending. I made my first pair back in 2013 to add color and style to my Converse tennis shoes. When people saw them they wanted a pair for themselves so I've been working ever since to start my own home based business!

I use a power wheelchair because I have cerebral palsy but that hasn't stopped me from achieving my goals! I've added a bit about that on my about us page.

So WHAT are Tongue Tops?
They are iron covers for the tongue of your Converse tennis shoes! There is no need for messy glue and they really stay on. They are made out of colorful fabrics with unique designs and patterns. To apply all you need is an iron, a table and a towel. I don't even use an ironing board when I'm applying my Tongue Tops. They can be removed easily too if you change your mind! You just carefully pull them off.

Do they work on HIGH TOP Converse tennis shoes? 
Yes they sure do! Although the photo of all my prototypes are all low tops it was just for ease of the photograph. Please see the picture below of a HIGH TOP.  Just indicate HT when you are ordering your size.