Decorative Surfaces
For furniture, wall panels, decorative objects, architectural interiors.
Cracked linen, eggshell, gilding, Japanese lacquer, shagreen and straw.

Deluxing, Touch-up, Spot Repair
On site or off site service for new and used furniture and decorative objects in home and business interiors. Detailing the piece before delivery to your client or for the homeowner who just wants their furniture or cabinetry to look cared.

Specialized Wood Finishing
For architectural interiors, cabinetry, decorative wooden objects, guitars, pianos and studio furniture. Services include modern and traditional  finishes, color matching, ebonizing, extreme crackle lacquer, metallic finishes and acid washed gilding.

Collection Care, Restoration & Conservation
For antique furniture, decorative wooden objects and historical architectural interiors. We offer a trained approach for examination and protective treatments with full documentation in order to preserve the sentimental, monetary and historical value for future generations to appreciate. For the highest quality care we use tested stable and reversible materials and processes. Services include surface cleaning and polishing, loss compensation, structural stabilization, in painting, surface preservation, re-restoration.

Wood Finish Services

Joe Amaral

Business Hours Mon.-Fri. 8:00am-4:30pm
By Appointment Only

PO Box 614
721 North Franklin St. Unit D
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

 PO Box 391
1601 Merkley Ave
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Wood Finish Services is a specialized finishing business providing services for home and business interiors in Northern California since 1988.

We offer decorative surfaces, specialized wood finishing, restoration, and conservation for fine furniture, cabinetry, decorative wooden objects and architectural interiors.  
Our client list includes; Antique Dealers, Cabinetmakers,  Galleries, Interior Designers, Museums and Private Collectors, Studio Furniture makers.
We are trained and experienced specialists dedicated to our craft and committed to the highest quality of standards in the industry.
Please explore our website and contact me with questions or information about your future projects.